We believe that feeling your best should be for everyone and at any age.  We believe in obtainable beauty that enhances YOU.  We believe in creating effortless beauty through the art of permanent makeup. That is why we customize permanent makeup for every single client through mapping, measuring, studying your skin, and by providing the most cutting edge techniques and artistry in the field of permanent makeup.


Permanent Lash Enhancement

Places pigment between the lashes only for a very natural and subtle definition around the eyes.  

    Permanent Top Eyeliner + Wing

    This  typie of eyeliner includes a lash enhancement but adds pigment slightly above the lashes.  This eyeliner can include, or not include a wing.  Brown or black can be used.

      Permanent Shadow Liner

      This is a top eyeliner which includes a lash enhancement but through a gentle microshading technique, micriopixels are created about the lashes to create a soft and smoky effect.  

        Permanent Bottom Liner

        This is placed on the bottom eyelid only placing pigment between the lashes with a black or brown pigment.

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