We believe that feeling your best should be for everyone and at any age.  We believe in obtainable beauty that enhances YOU.  We believe in creating effortless beauty through the art of permanent makeup. That is why we customize permanent makeup for every single client through mapping, measuring, studying your skin, and by providing the most cutting edge techniques and artistry in the field of permanent makeup through advanced european techniques.  

  • Brings back the vermillion border
  • Adds a natural color to the lips
  • Minimal discomfort & no downtime
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Touch ups required every 1-3 years

Description of Permanent Lips

Permanent Lips is a beautiful treatment which restores and enhances your lips by providing a natural and effortless blush of color to the lips.  Our permanent lip blush is unique- through a specific numbing technique for a comfortable experience,  and by applying the color to the lips through a gentle microshading technique which provides a soft and defined border to your pout.  You will notice a gentle plumping of the lips in the immediately after photos…. And only minimal swelling (which some clients love).  If you are struggling with fine lines and wrinkles around the lips-  this treatment will be perfect for you because, chances are, you may be losing the vermillion border of your lip as well.  Permanent lip blush provides a solution to these wrinkles by providing a gentle microneedling of the lips which may help with wrinkles that occur with age around the mouth with age.  When the pigment is applied through a gentle microneedling process, collagen and elastin is stimulated which can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Feeling your best and a  little more confident about your lips,   permanent lip blush is a natural & enhancing treatment for women at any age


Permanent Lip Blush

Defining lips by adding even the slightest amount of color  can be the perfect touch to having a natural and glowing look- and bring back a more youthful pout.  Wake up every morning with a beautiful blush of color to the lips, and this treatment will not only give your lips the illusion of volume, but also emphasize the natural shape of your lips.   Who said that you can only give lips volume with fillers?  Bring your favorite gloss or lip shade to you appointment, and your lip color is customized just for  you.  

Blue Lip Correction

Blue lip correction is a corrective treatment which corrects a blue or dark discoloration in the lips.  This is an advanced technique and used for people who hve darker skin complexion to get the color of the lip to a lighter and more pink natural color. Medical type procedure- somewhat traumatic.

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