Scar Camouflage is a paramedical micro pigmentation technique, or medical art tattoo, used to cover scars, or to adjust hypo pigmented skin on the face, hands, or neck, which can often be seen in Vitiligo.  This typically takes 2-3 treatments, and is an amazing restorative treatment.  Note:  the color of the scar must be lighter than the skin tone in order for this treatment to be a success.  Photos should be submitted before scheduling your appointment to make sure this treatment is the best for you. Also, if you are prone to keloid scars this may not be the best treatment for you.

Scar camouflage can be performed 18 months after the scar is healed.  Below is a list of common scars to be treated:

  • Vitiligo
  • Mastectomy scars
  • Breast Reduction scars
  • Breast Augmentation scars 
  • Brow Correction + Scars



This is for clients who have hypopigmented skin discoloration which can appear on the face, hands, and body.  The skin can be matched and camouflaged so that the skin appears the same color.  Skin disorder- somwhat traumatic because this is a disease and medical situation.

Breast Scars

These are for people who have undergone Mastectomy or traumatic surgeries that resulted in scars around the nipple or on the breast mound.  Scars are camouflaged by matching skin color or nipple tone.  Two dimensional application uses customized pigment to camouflage hypopigmented skin. 

Brow Correction + Scars

For people who have undergone brow loss from traumatic events (eg accidents, dog attacks).  
Through microneedling, the scar tissue is broken up which allows the second application to retain more pigments.  The brow is created after scar tissue is broken up through a soft, gentle application process.  No sharp lines, contours, or angles are created.  A natural looking, soft brow is the result of color pigments being gently laid into the skin by a machine. 

Tattoo Remoov

Tattoo Remoov is the form of tattoo removal for clients who have had bad permanent makeup.  Using a magnetic needle, the iron oxide pigment is extracted from the skin without penetrating the dermal layer of the skin.  This is the newest technology in tattoo removal which was invented by a French doctor, Linda Paradis.  Mary Emily is one of the only artists and person certified in this form of  non-acid, no salt, and no laser tattoo removal saving the integrity of the skin.

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