Want to become a Medical Artist?


We love Medical Art and providing the restorative services that Ultra Realistic 2D & 3D Areola Tattoo provides and we are so excited to begin our Advanced Medical Art Training.  This service provides closure to many times… a long journey of Breast Cancer or traumatic breast surgeries.  

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! Tomorrow begins our 2D + 3D Areola class October 3-4, 2022.  Follow us along on Instagram @outlinerstudio_theacademy to follow our students in their journey to learning these techniques.  We are so excited for our students to learn our Advanced Medical Art Techniques where our students will learn the techniques, application, color theory and working on models. This class does require previous training in permanent makeup prior to enrollment. 

Did you know that 1/8 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime? Providing this #medicalarttattoo restorative option to those in need is paramount to provide closure to the end of a LONG JOURNEY for these amazing women.

Want to become a Medical Artist? Join our waitlist for our next Medical Art Class in 2023!


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