COVID19 Safety Protocols

Please review the following safety protocols before your appointment to help keep everyone safe as we navigate through reopening and Covid-19.  Thank you for your patience as we are applying the following rules & regulations to keep you safe!

Guest Policy << insert illustration>>

Due to the developments of COVID-19, the lobby of Outliner Studio is currently closed. Absolutely no guests can come into the building during the client procedure for any reason.

Hand Washing << insert illustration>>

Clients must wash hands when entering the room and before any procedure

Masks<< insert illustration>>

The client must wear a mask to enter the building, and the client is required to wear a mask during the appointment.  (with the exception of the permanent lip blush procedure)


Your temperature may be taken at your appointment

Lobby << insert illustration>>

The lobby is currently closed.  Please wait in your car, and text when you arrive.  Please do not come into the building until the artist has texted or called to let you know the room has been completely cleaned, and that it is safe to come in.  The paperwork will be filled out in the clients car.  

YOUR APPOINTMENT IS IMPORTANT TO US, BUT SO IS THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE  AT OUTLINER STUDIO!  Please schedule your appointment accordingly.  Kindly SCHEDULE, OR postpone YOUR APPOINTMENT 14 DAYS, IF YOU HAVE been exposed to the following:



<< insert illustration>>Hospital, anyone exposed to covid-19, or contracted covid-19

<< insert illustration>>Exposed to a large gathering

<< insert illustration>>For example: an airplane

<< insert illustration>>Symptomatic

<< insert illustration>>If the client has had any form of fever, including a low grade fever, or symptoms.  If you have been exposed to anyone who is sick please reschedule your appointment.